a self-study guide that helps you come prepared to English class

step-by-step examples

To show you how to get from a Spanish structure to the equivalent English structure.

All the essentials

Straightforward lessons that focus more on the rules than the exceptions. Covers the grammar taught in beginning college courses.

Study Tips

Tips to help you learn English vocabulary and word forms, and to remember them.

one point per chapter

In each bite-sized lesson, author Emily Spenelli explains one grammar concept and illustrates it with English and Spanish examples.

Explained in English

To help you learn the grammar from the point of view of a language you already speak.

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Check your understanding by completing online reviews.

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Learn The Grammar Terms Your Textbook Assumes You Know

Parts Of Speech

Learn how to identify English and Spanish nouns, verbs, adjectives, prepositions so you can choose the correct equivalent to an English word. 

“Leaves” : sale or hojas? Depends on its part of speech: verb sale; noun hojas

Functions Of Words

Learn how to identify English and Spanish subjects, direct and indirect object so you can choose the correct equivalent to an English word.

Learn to identify the function of words in English and Spanish so you can choose the correct equivalent in Spanish.

“Him” : lo or le? Depends on its function: direct object lo; indirect object → le

English and Spanish Grammatical Terms

Learn of conjugation, gender, number, agreement so you’ll understand these terms that play an important role in Spanish

Learn grammatical terms such as conjugation, gender, number, and agreement that play a minor role in English, but an important role in Spanish.

“Red” : rojo  or roja?  Depends on  what is described:  a car → rojo;  a dress  → roja

Step-By-Step Analysis Of Examples

Learn how to get from an English structure to an equivalent Spanish structure. Our examples will take you every step of the way. 

“This is the book I was talking about.” → series of steps  Este es el libro de que hablaba. (word-for-word: this is the book about which I was talking

Book Reviews

Amazon Review
Michael D. Shanahan
“Great tool for this ESL teacher. Can't recommend this enough! Great for my high school newcomers with limited educational backgrounds. We get together on Saturdays to study Spanish grammar together which improves their grasp of English grammar during ESL class. Terrific.”
Amazon Review
Kyra Athena
“Great for introductory English or Spanish. I am a certified Spanish and ESL teacher, P-12. This is a good book for newly arrived Spanish speaking students who may have not had consistent time in the classroom in their homelands. The examples are great for demonstrating as opposed to just tossing out rules.”
Amazon Review
Jessica, Student
“Great reference book! I use this book for reference a lot. It's very useful for anyone who is forgetting their Spanish or grammar has never been their strong subject at school. It's also a great source for anyone learning Spanish. The book is written in Spanish [...]"

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