How to use textbook correlations?

Select your textbook
Instructors can supplement their textbook with the O&H Study Guide for students who need additional support with grammar
Find your chapter
The lists below correlate grammatical terms covered in your textbook with the relevant chapters in your study guide
Prepare for class
Correlations help students know which chapters to read to prepare for class and instructors to build their syllabus

Step 1: Download the correlation to your textbook

We thank Sabine Gabaron, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, for the correlations below.

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Can't find your textbook?

If your textbook is not listed, you can download our grammar correlations. Use alongside any French 1 or French 2 textbook used in college French class.

We are always updating our list. We welcome instructors’ feedback on new textbooks to include.

Step 2: Find the chapter for your lesson

English Grammar for Students of French

Check the list above to find the correlation list corresponding to your textbook.

The list correlates grammatical terms covered in your textbook with the relevant chapters in English Grammar for Students of French.

Correlations list the chapters (and line numbers) to read before the lesson in your French textbook.

If your textbook is not listed, you can download our universal correlation, or use the detailed index at the end of the study guide.

Step 3: Come prepared by reading a few pages before class

Espanol Book

Students come ready to participate

Before class, students read the relevant chapter in the O&H Study Guide to learn about the terms covered in their upcoming lesson.

Instructors are relieved of teaching grammar

In preparation for class, select the grammar covered in each lesson, and integrate the corresponding chapters into your syllabus. Students should read the relevant chapters before coming to class.

Both gain valuable class-time to focus on communication skills

In class, instructors will be able to rely on a common grammatical vocabulary (verb, noun, direct object, etc.) and devote class time to teaching French and developing communicative skills.

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