The O&H Study Guides Series

Students come better prepared to class

Designed for self-study, the O&H Study Guides introduce students to the essentials of the English grammar they need for their language study.

More class time to focus on communication

 By assigning a few pages to be studied before class, students come ready to participate—and instructors gain valuable class time to focus on communication.

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Written for English-Speakers

Experience shows that our method improves student performance in language class thanks to a better understanding of English grammar.

Editorial Reviews

The NECTLF Review
—Tom Conner, Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures
“This book covers virtually every grammar topic that beginning, intermediate, and advanced students of French are likely to ever encounter... Explanations are always short and concise, examples admirably clear.”
Modern Language Journal
"With English Grammar for Students of Spanish . . . students will be able to resolve many problems for themselves, thereby freeing teachers for more profitable work in class."
The French Review
"The baby step-by-baby step formulas of this slim, no-nonsense, inexpensive paperback make it ultra-easy to use...that is why, after being for years on the list of recommended books for my courses, it is now required."
Learning Spanish Products Reviews
—Anna Rivera, editor
"I highly recommend it to all Spanish instructors and students of Spanish because of the effective manner it teaches Spanish grammar by relating it to English grammar"

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