A Self-Study Japanese Grammar That Helps You Come Prepared To Class

step-by-step examples

To show you how to get from an English to a Japanese sentence structure.

All the essentials

Straightforward lessons that focus on the rules and not the exceptions. Covers the Japanese grammar taught in beginning college courses.

Study Tips

Tips to help you learn common Japanese verbs and word forms, and to remember them.

one point per chapter

In each bite-sized lesson, author Mutsuko Endo Hudson explains one grammar rule and illustrates it with English and Japanese examples.

Explained in English

To help you learn Japanese grammar from the point of view of a language you already speak.

Online Reviews

Check your understanding by completing the review questions.

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Find the grammatical term you are looking for in our detailed table of contents
Sample Chapter
Learn "What are Direct Object Pronouns?" and how they work in English and Japanese

Book Reviews

Michigan State University
Stephanie Z, Student
“Note to the author of English Grammar for Students of Japanese— Your book is a godsend! . . . Each page I read makes something click and gives me that wonderful feeling of FINALLY understanding something! As I am currently in Japan, and absolutely loving it, I have taken to studying anywhere and everywhere as much as I can. . . .your book has become a constant companion to me on my train and bus rides and between classes.”
Amazon Review
Noriko A. Sugimori, Professor
“Beneficial for both English and Japanese learners. Now many university students from Japan, who are studying English, will be visiting my classes. I will use this book so that both American and Japanese students will learn more about their languages. The author discusses the fundamental grammar points very clearly. This book is a must-read for instructors of Japanese who teach in English speaking environments.”
Amazon Review
“A Must Have for Beginner/Intermediate students of Japanese. Why I treasure my copy of Hudson's book is that it explains . . . fundamentals, with the result, that you will be able to rapidly transpose between the two languages in a manner and with a speed that reflects your new understanding. Others in your class will stumble and have difficulty because they do not have such a ready reference to English grammar. . . . I thoroughly recommend it and I use it often.”

Learn The Grammar Terms Your Textbook Assumes You Know

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What Is Meant by Number and Counters?

Learn terms used in English and Japanese grammar such as number and counters—they play a minor role in English, but an important role in Japanese.

Step-By-Step Japanese Sentence Structure

Learn how to get from an English structure to an equivalent Japanese sentence structure. Our examples will take you every step of the way.

What are nouns, verbs and adjectives?

Learn what are parts of speech so you can identify English and Japanese nouns, verbs, adjectives, prepositions. This will help you choose the correct Japanese equivalent to the English word.

What are subjects and objects?

Learn to identify the function of words used in English and Japanese grammar so you can choose the correct Japanese equivalent to the English word.

Learn what are English and Japanese subjects, Japanese direct and indirect objects.

Get the Japanese grammar support you need today