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Ana L. Levenson

Gramática Española
para Estudiantes de Inglés:
A Simplified Grammar for Spanish Speakers Learning English

ISBN: 978-0-934034-17-3
Pp. 184

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An O&H Study Guide, written in Spanish, for Spanish speakers learning English

Help the Spanish speakers in your ESL class understand English grammar by introducing them to grammatical concepts in Spanish with Gramática española para estudiantes de inglés.

Students will learn Spanish grammatical terms and concepts that ESL textbooks assume they know:

Parts of speech — how to identify Spanish and English nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, articles . . .

Functions of words — how to identify Spanish and English subjects, direct
and indirect objects . . .

Grammatical terms — explanation of active and passive voice, indefinites, negatives . . .

Examples with analysis of examples — how to get from a Spanish structure
to an equivalent English structure, see example Chapter 8, ¿Qué son los Pronombres Personales? (What are Personal Pronouns?)

*Review the Gramática española para estudiantes de inglés Table of Contents for an overview of the Spanish and English grammatical terms and concepts covered.

Each chapter in Gramática española para estudiantes de inglés covers one grammar point

In Español

  • explanation of a grammar point as applied to Spanish, anticipating concepts necessary for English

In Inglés

  • explanation of the same grammar point as it applies to English
  • English examples with Spanish translation and explanation of the rules applied
  • possible pitfalls for Spanish speakers

Gramática española para estudiantes de inglés also offers

Reviews — Students can test their comprehension by doing short Reviews at the end of most chapters (with Answer key).