Sergio Adorni, Karen Primorac

English Grammar for Students of Italian:
The Study Guide for Those Learning Italian

3rd ed.
ISBN: 978-0-934034-40-1
Pp. 159

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English Grammar for Students in Italian


  1. What's in a Word?
  2. What is a Noun?
  3. What is Meant by Gender?
  4. What is Meant by Number?
  5. What is an Article?
    1. Indefinite articles
    2. Definite articles
    3. Partitives
  6. What is the Possessive?
  7. What is a Verb?
  8. What is the Infinitive?
  9. What is an Auxiliary Verb?
  10. What is a Subject?
  11. What is a Pronoun?
  12. What is a Subject Pronoun?
    1. “It” and “They”
    2. “You”
  13. What is a Verb Conjugation?
    1. Verb form
    2. Verb groups
    3. Memorizing conjugations
    4. Omitting the subject pronoun
  14. What are Affirmative and Negative Sentences?
  15. What are Declarative and Interrogative Sentences?
  16. What is Meant by Mood?
  17. What is Meant by Tense?
  18. What is the Present Tense?
  19. What are Some Equivalents of “To be”?
  20. What are the Progressive Tenses?
    1. Present vs. present progressive tense
  21. What is a Participle?
    1. Present participle
    2. “Gerundio”
    3. Gerund
    4. Past participle
  22. What is a Past Tense?
    1. Present perfect (“passato prossimo”)
    2. Selection of the auxiliary “avere” or “essere”
    3. Agreement of the past participle
    4. Imperfect (“imperfetto”)
    5. Selecting the “passato prossimo” or the “imperfetto”
  23. What is the Past Perfect Tense?
  24. What is the Future Tense?
    1. Substitute for the future tense
    2. Future of probability
  25. What is the Future Perfect Tense?
  26. What is the Imperative?
  27. What is the Subjunctive?
  28. What is the Conditional?
    1. Present conditional
    2. Past conditional
    3. Sequence of tenses in hypothetical statements
  29. What is a Reflexive Verb?
  30. What is Meant by Active and Passive Voice?
    1. Avoiding the passive voice in Italian
    2. Changing an active sentence to a passive sentence
  31. What is an Adjective?
  32. What is a Descriptive Adjective?
    1. Nouns used as adjectives
  33. What is Meant by Comparison of Adjectives?
    1. Comparative
    2. Superlative: Relative and absolute superlative
  34. What is a Possessive Adjective?
  35. What is an Interrogative Adjective?
  36. What is a Demonstrative Adjective?
  37. What is an Adverb?
    1. Adverb or adjective?
  38. What is a Preposition?
  39. What is a Conjunction?
  40. What is an Object?
    1. Direct object
    2. Indirect object
    3. Sentences with a direct and indirect object
    4. Object of a preposition
  41. What is an Object Pronoun?
    1. Direct object pronouns
    2. Indirect object pronouns
    3. Object of preposition pronouns
    4. Stressed and unstressed pronouns
  42. What is an Interrogative Pronoun?
    1. “Who, whom”
    2. “Whose”
    3. “What”
    4. “Which one, which ones”
    5. “What is...? What are...?”
    6. “How much, how many”
  43. What is a Demonstrative Pronoun?
    1. “The one, the ones”
  44. What is a Possessive Pronoun?
  45. What is a Relative Pronoun?
    1. Construction of relative clauses
    2. Selection of relative pronouns
    3. Subject of the relative clause
    4. Direct object of the relative clause
    5. Indirect object or object of a preposition
      of the relative clause
    6. Possessive modifier in the relative clause
    7. Relative pronouns without antecedents
  46. What are Positive and Negative Indefinites?


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