Matthew B. Christensen

English Grammar for Students of Chinese:
The Study Guide for Those Learning Chinese

ISBN: 978-0-934034-39-5
Pp. 115

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English Grammar for Students in Chinese


  1. What's in a Word?
    1. Meaning
    2. Part of speech
    3. Function and form
  2. What is a Noun?
  3. What is Meant by Number?
    1. Count nouns vs. non-count nouns
  4. What is a Subject?
    1. Subject vs. topic
  5. What is an Object?
  6. What is a Verb?
  7. What is a Modal Verb?
  8. What are the Uses of the Verb “to be”?
  9. What is Meant by Tense?
    1. Tense vs. aspect
  10. What is the Progressive?
  11. What is the Imperative?
  12. What is a Pronoun?
  13. What is a Personal Pronoun?
  14. What is the Possessive?
  15. What is a Reflexive Pronoun?
  16. What is an Interrogative Pronoun?
  17. What is a Demonstrative Pronoun?
  18. What are Indefinite and Negative Pronouns?
  19. What are Phrases, Clauses, and Sentences?
    1. What is a phrase?
    2. What is a clause?
    3. What is a sentence?
  20. What are Affirmative and Negative Sentences?
  21. What are Declarative and Interrogative Sentences?
    1. Yes-or-no questions
    2. Wh-questions
    3. Tag questions
  22. What is the Causative Construction?
  23. What is a Relative Clause?
  24. What is a Conditional Clause?
  25. What is Meant by Active and Passive Voice?
  26. What is an Adverb?
    1. Intensifiers
  27. What is an Interrogative Adverb?
  28. What is an Adjective?
  29. What is Meant by Comparison of Adjectives?
  30. What is a Demonstrative Adjective?
    1. “Like this”/”Like that?”; “This way”/”That way”
  31. What is an Interrogative Adjective?
  32. What is a Preposition?
  33. What is a Conjunction?
  34. What is an Interjection?

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