Ernest H. McCarus

English Grammar for Students of Arabic:
The Study Guide for Those Learning Arabic

ISBN: 978-0-934034-35-7
Pp. 165

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Testimonials on the series

“As a professor of writing and rhetoric who works with many international and multilingual students (and as someone who studies languages for fun myself), I love your books. I use them to help explain concepts to my students and have, when studying Russian and Spanish in the past, found them invaluable for my own language development.”

—Prof. Sarah Perrault, University of California, Davis.

“This series is highly recommended.”

Choice, Publication of the Association of College and Research Libraries

“Incredibly helpful series. The simple method that the English Grammar for Students of (any language in the series) uses allows the student to make the breakthrough into the foreign language lessons. I've attended schools that are full emersion classes in French and German, and the teachers LOVED this book.”

—NP on Amazon

“These books are appropriate for students at junior high level through adult. For students whose limited grasp of English hampers their language study, these books might be just the help they need.”

—Cathy Duffy, Homeschooling Curriculum Review

“Tremendously useful books. Extremely clear, concise, to the point. The explanations are transparent and I just cannot imagine better books than these to accomplish their so helping purpose. Heartfelt congratulations!”

—Prof. Gustavo J. Godoy, Jacksonville University

“I love your series on English grammar for foreign languages. As a foreign languages major, I have found this very helpful with several languages and am never disappointed.”

—G. Harrelson

“This English Grammar for students of foreign languages series is the best thing I've found for explaining grammar concepts and terms. It's concise, it's understandable, using a few clear examples and not making things too complex to stick.”

—Review on Amazon

English Grammar for Students of Spanish

“This is a very valuable tool for learning Spanish. . . . Not only does this book do a wonderful job of teaching Spanish grammar, it also gives the student valuable tips and information to help accelerate the student's learning. . . . I highly recommend it to all Spanish instructors and students of Spanish . . . because of the effective manner that it teaches Spanish grammar by relating it to English grammar concepts . . . because it gives the learner very valuable advice and tips for learning Spanish.”

—Anna Rivera, editor of Learning Spanish Products Reviews

“With English Grammar for Students of Spanish . . . students will be able to resolve many problems for themselves, thereby freeing teachers for more profitable work in class.”

Modern Language Journal

“This concise manual is well organized and easy to use.”

Canadian Modern Language Journal

“Excellent book!! Provides students with the essentials of their own native grammar necessary to comprehend the similarities and differences between English and Spanish.”

—Linda Q. Sites, Virginia Commonwealth University

“This book is great for students that are English speakers and are studying Spanish as a second language. This book follows the right sequence of difficulties, clear explanations, with exercises to practice. It is also an excellent compliment for Spanish native speakers born in the United States and educated in the United States and are studying Spanish now.”

—S.M., California State University, Stanislaus

“Best I have ever seen for simple clear explanations of grammar in my 20 years of teaching.”

—Wayne Winterlin, Fort Hays State University

“It puts grammatical information at the student’s fingertips in a clear, concise way . . . the student can take as much time to look at it and review it as necessary.”

—C. Bruce Fitch, North Georgia College

“My students find this book extremely helpful.”

—Susan Lister, Foothill College

“Recommended book! Many English-speaking students have difficulty mastering Spanish grammar because they’ve never understood their own. This book is the answer: simple but thorough explanations of English grammar and its Spanish equivalents.”

—Laura K. Lawless at

“I love the novel approach this study guide uses. Basically, it reverses the manner in which grammar is taught to non-native speakers. It may seem radical, but it works.”

—Student review on Barnes & Noble site

“This book is the Holy Grail of grammar for students studying and learning Spanish. Spinelli has an outstanding presentation that will bring the average student to an understanding of how to transfer structures from the L1 to the L2, this is an outstanding review for students that are not passionate about grammar. It is easy to follow and well written.”

—Student review on Amazon

English Grammar for Students of French

“It’s about time our students had a book like this one . . . this new grammar is distinguished by its lucid and contrastive presentation of the material.”

The French Review

“FANTASTIC . . . especially liked section on prepositions.”

—Sharon L. Hodgins, French teacher, White River High School, WA

“We have been using English Grammar for Students of French for many years. We suggest it in several levels to students who have some difficult with French grammatical terminology or concepts. Students find it very useful. It helps them because of the simplicity of approach and the comparison with English. I recommended that book to many of my colleagues as it is a precious tool for learning French grammar and unique in its kind. Please continue publishing it.”

—Marie-Andrée Rivet, Douglas College


“I just received the Fourth Edition of your English Grammar for Students of French. I am so delighted with your latest edition that I wanted to write and tell you this! . . . We language teachers are truly grateful!”

—J. M. W., French Teacher, Ft. Lee High School, NJ

“I recently bought it to use with my high school students because they don’t know much about their own language. This book has bang for the buck . . . GO BUY IT!”

—Teacher review on Barnes & Noble site

“Gets my vote for best French-language grammar book in print. I use this text for reference in teaching 4th year AP French high school students, and recommend it highly to any student of French.”

—Teacher review on Amazon

“I have taught French at a university for 32 years, and have recommended this book to my students through all its editions. . . . I believe it is well worth the money.”

—L. H. Wiebe, Delaware, Ohio on Amazon

“This is a great book! this book is an easy read. It is not in 'grammer-ese'. It is well broken up, so that chapters are only 2-6 pages - enough that you can do one concept at a time. Concepts are explained very simply and examples are given that make it easy to understand. This book is well worth buying.”

—Student review on Amazon

“Best choice. This is by far the number one grammar guide for English-French students.”

—David McMillen, French student.  Edmond, OK

“This book is amazing. I am a French student in a beginning French class at a four-year university. The book goes through every part of speech, explains it, and compares how they function in sentences in English and French. Morton's book helps to understand how parts of speech are used in the set-up of sentences in French. I highly recommend this to anyone learning the language of French.”

—Student review on Amazon

“Excellent — well thought out and immeasurable help learning the basics of French — much more help than received in classroom.”

—Gwendolyn L. Carlson, Boise, Idaho on Amazon

“Excellent guide for new French learner, This book is very helpful in refreshing your knowledge of the English parts of speech and outlining how they relate to French. The correlations are very helpful by quickly and concisely defining the English terms and the corresponding French.”

—John H. Luttgens, Temecula, CA

“This book is a must have for any French student who has forgotten all the grade-school English grammar terminology and rules.”

—Sarah from Northern Virginia on Amazon

“This Book is Worth Every Single Dime!! I cannot emphasize enough just how necessary and crucially important this book is to own for college students of French, from 1st year/2nd semester, up to more advanced levels. This book is readable, concise, and easy to understand for English-speaking students studying French. . . . Take my advice, buy this book!”

—Responsive reader from Eastern Seaboard, USA on Amazon

English Grammar for Students of German

“ This text could come to the rescue of many beginning German students.”

Die Unterichtspraxis

“You are strongly encouraged to use this book. Experience has shown that students who consult it tend to achieve higher grades than students who do not.”

—The University of Western Ontario, Dept of Modern Languages and Literatures

“This book is excellent. Exactly what our students need.”

—J. Martin, Baylor University

“It has become clear to us that even very bright students are apt to know little grammar terminology. We have tried to remedy this deficiency with various handouts prepared by us. Your book will do the job much more easily and effectively.”

—H. Wiese, Coe College

“I consider this text a necessity for most students of 1st year German.”

—J. Richard Guthrie, Jr., Christopher Newport College, Newport News, VA

“We have been looking for such a book for years.”

—Dr. Belinda Carstens, University of California, Davis

“I am most enthusiastic about English Grammar for Students of German.”

—Dr. Benjiman D. Webb, University of Miami, FL

“If your eyes are crossing from your German lessons . . . and you’re having an impossible time sorting out German grammar, there’s light at the end of the tunnel . . . an amazingly good investment.”

—Chris Abraham, President of Abraham Harrison LLC,
Social media and technology strategist focusing on online education

“A perfect slim primer. Wow, what a life saver! . . . it’s an amazing little book. It even helps your English day to day.”

—D. K. Heinemeyer on Amazon

“The contrast illuminates both languages. English Grammar for Students of German is a fascinating book. It compares and contrasts English and German grammar, point by point, making it easier to understand the grammar of each language.”

Peterson Reviews

“Excellent book for people learning German basics. It has been said that when people are learning a new language, they find out many things about their own language. The author(s) of this book take this frame of mind into account. Right from the beginning of the book they guide you from basic grammar to more complex structures, always explaining how these structures are used in German and English.”

—Student review on Amazon

“Excellent Introduction & Revision. A great re-introduction to English grammar. Clearly laid out, easy to follow with abundant examples. It is vital that the English-speaking student of German has a clear grasp of their own grammar before they can begin to understand the complex grammatical rules of the German language.”

—L. Stockwell, Brisbane, Australia

“This book simply and concisely highlights the important grammar structures that appear in German and English. Explanations are easy to follow and practice work is helpful. Excellent resource for anyone learning German!”

—Klara Stutzman, Michigan

“A must have . . . this book is very down to earth in that it makes English language comparisons with very short little mini quiz and examples. Good book to have.”

—K. Glosson, CA

“This is the best resource I've come across for simple to use and understand explanations of most aspects of German grammar for beginning students of German as a foreign language. The comparison with English grammar on all aspects of the language is unique to this book and is a key to being able to comprehend and retain the material presented.”

—Student review on Amazon

“Very Helpful. I find the book an easy read that helps me understand why German sentences are structured as they are.”

—Kevin, VA, adult learner on Amazon

“Very to the point and helpful! This book gives a lot of examples of each different grammar topic, so it works well as an aid/handbook along side your German textbook. I highly recommend this book, it helps clarify areas that are most likely foggy unless you are acutely aware of grammar terminology. I refer to it nearly every time I work on my German homework.”

—K. Getchell, on Amazon

“Great learning tool to accompany you in learning German. The sentence structure and grammar is the toughest part about learning this language, so having this extra resource is very helpful.”

—Christopher K. Andes, Florida

“This handy little book is essential to learning the German Language. I have found it extremely helpful in making it easier to understand a foreign language and all its rules of grammar.”

—Joyce Adriance, CA

“Participles alone are worth it. This Book opened up a whole new world as I learned the fundamentals of German I also found the parallel principles of English . . . without this book, I would be dead in the water.”

—Student review on Amazon

English Grammar for Students of German . . . has helped me immeasurably in my German class and helped me to learn my own language (English) better as a result . . . With so many badly written and dull textbooks on the market now, yours is a delight.”

—Maura Fried, Student at University of California, Los Angeles

English Grammar for Students of Italian

“Throughout the book, the use of charts to summarize points presented is excellent. The authors have taken care to indicate various pitfalls that students often do not avoid . . . Exceptionally well presented is the analysis of the English you and its Italian equivalents, tu, Lei, voi, Loro . . . the use of this book as a supplement to a beginners’ textbook of Italian is recommended.”

Canadian Modern Language Journal

“The conceptual and visual presentation of the material is simple and clear. There are numerous diagrams and charts. Although grammar points are isolated for the sake of presentation, there are many cross-references to related terms, as well as a detailed index.”

Modern Language Journal

“In view of its unique perspective and approach, its trenchant and effective explanations of grammatical points, its easily grasped and easily remembered rules, and its distinctively revealing diagrams and examples, it is hard to imagine a teaching situation, especially at the elementary level, to which Adorni and Primorac’s English Grammar for Students of Italian would not make an invaluable contribution.”


“Excellent explanation of Grammar, terms and concepts. This is an excellent book for English speaking students learning the Italian language . . . To quote, the book 'explains the grammatical terms and concepts that you will encounter in your Italian textbook and relates them to English grammar. . . . Once you have understood the terms and concepts in you own language, it will be easier for you to understand your (Italian) textbook.' I couldn’t agree more!”

—D. Quan, a student on Amazon

“What a great idea for a book! This book makes the grammar of both English and Italian stand out in high relief. You'll emerge from it with a firmer grasp of both languages. If you want to learn Italian, it should be one of the first five things that you buy.”

Peterson reviews on Amazon

“A real gem. This book is a wonderful read if you were only interested in English grammar. What a wonderful concept to show the concepts of Italian and English grammar side by side. Each section is very readable.”

—Student review on Amazon

“ An excellent resource for students of Italian. This book is fascinating more for what it teaches us about our own language than for what it shows us about Italian. I highly recommend it. “

—Review on Amazon

“This book should be a mandatory addition to any language class.”

—Student review on Amazon

“This book is extremely helpful to anyone interested in studying Italian and learning Italian grammar. It explains the English grammar first and then goes into a simple explanation of Italian grammar. I find it to be an essential resource. My Italian teacher uses it too.”

—Student review on Amazon

“The book itself is great! My Professoressa recommended it, and so do I.”

—B. Harris, Santa Monica, CA student

English Grammar for Students of Latin

“Each chapter is self-contained, so that the order of topics may be altered to suit the arrangement of just about any introductory Latin text. . . . this is a useful, carefully written, and well-edited text. It accomplishes its goals and does so very efficiently.”

Modern Language Journal

“Teachers of Latin who believe that an essential aspect of their responsibility is to strengthen the student’s understanding of the syntactical structures underlying his native language . . . will certainly wish to include this unique new handbook . . . among the texts required in their elementary Latin classes . . . Response from teachers and professors, as well as high-schoolers, undergraduates, and graduate students . . . has been enormously enthusiastic: the volume has proven a valuable and much appreciated supplement in our beginning Latin course at the University of Georgia. This little book really ought to be a vade mecum for many of our elementary Latin students.”

The Classical Journal

“Because this handbook assumes no previous knowledge of grammar and because its explanations of English forms and their Latin equivalents are clear and succinct, it is well suited to independent study . . . the authors take the student step by step through a section of English grammar before proceeding to an explanation of the Latin counterpart.”

Classical World

“ I personally recommend this book as an adjunct to any Latin course. Even those of us at the top of our honors English classes and the tippy-top of standard college entrance exams can benefit from this succinct reminder and handy reference when diving into the complexities of another language.”

—Review on Amazon

“ The book is very user friendly and is well written and organized so that one does not need to know Latin before purchasing this book. I highly recommend this book for any Latin student or those interested in becoming one.”

—John Ingle review on Amazon

“Purchased for use in an intensive Latin course, the grammar offers very good examples of English constructions and then compares them to their Latin counterpart. Worth purchasing.”

—James A. Tarbox review on Amazon

English Grammar for Students of Russian

“Cruise’s book is one of the most welcome new publications to reach our field. It services its intended purpose and is appreciated by students. The clear format and typesetting enhance its content.”

Slavic and East European Journal

 “This is one of the most useful books for the teaching and studying of elementary Russian language. So many students today have no grounding in English grammar and, because Russian is an inflected language (noun cases, little word order), it is crucial that the terms of grammar and the patterns of English be understood before and while a student learns the declensions and grammatical necessities of Russian. Great book!”

—H. Solomon on Amazon

 “Great book. It will help you identify what parts of English grammar you've forgotten because you've never needed to discuss it.”

—Student review on Amazon

“This is the perfect study companion for native English speakers learning the Russian Language! I used this book while in college earning my BA in Russian and found this book to be invaluable during my studies.”

—L. A. Vitale on Amazon

“This book helps you understand Russian grammar by first explaining how the same concepts work in English grammar. It's written in a very easy, basic way. Not overly technical. I'm so glad I got this book! I'd still be stuck without it.”

—Student review on Amazon

English Grammar for Students of Japanese

“Note to the author of English Grammar for Students of Japanese— Your book is a godsend! . . . Each page I read makes something click and gives me that wonderful feeling of FINALLY understanding something! As I am currently in Japan, and absolutely loving it, I have taken to studying anywhere and everywhere as much as I can. . . .your book has become a constant companion to me on my train and bus rides and between classes.”

—Stephanie Z.— Michigan State University

“Beneficial for both English and Japanese learners. Now many university students from Japan, who are studying English, will be visiting my classes. I will use this book so that both American and Japanese students will learn more about their languages. The author discusses fundamental grammar points very clearly. This book is a must read for instructors of Japanese who teach in English speaking environments.”

—Noriko A. Sugimori on Amazon

“A Must Have for Beginner/Intermediate students of Japanese. Why I treasure my copy of Hudson's book is that it explains . . . fundamentals, with the result that you will be able to rapidly transpose between the two languages in a manner and with a speed that reflects your new understanding. Others in your class will stumble and have difficulty because they do not have such a ready reference to English grammar. . . . I thoroughly recommend it and I use it often.”

—Student review on Amazon

“This is the best book to teach you all-things-grammar for Japanese. Every thing you will ever need to know about Japanese grammar, you can learn from this book.”

—Nemo Daison, student

English Grammar for Students of Arabic

“. . . in my search for a "grammar bridge" between English and Arabic I was delighted to discover "English Grammar for Students of Arabic" by Ernest N. McCarus. In placing my order, my hope was that the author had not chosen to go down the "linguistic spaghetti" route in the explanations. I was not disappointed because the explanations and examples in this book are absolutely superb: concise but with great clarity.”

Andalus website

“This publication has the potential for becoming an indispensable tool for English-speaking students not in control of basic English grammatical concepts.”

Middle East Studies Association Bulletin, Vol. 41, No. 1, June 2007

“I really do think that English Grammar for Students of Arabic is an exceptionally good book because it is one of those all-too-rare titles which identifies a real problem and is brilliantly executed by the author. ”

—Graham Douglas, learner of Arabic

“Good book to complement an Arabic Course. This book is very helpful by relating Arabic grammar to English grammar, and for explaining it in creative and different ways.”

—Cynthia L. Yonge on Amazon

“On the whole, this is a terrific book for intermediate students of Arabic grammar. It covers those obtuse topics like gerunds, infinitives, etc.”

—Review on Amazon 


English Grammar for Students of Chinese

“I’m actually quite excited about this book. . . . This book is clearly outside-the-box-thinking, and should appeal to those students who need more explicit instruction on the differences between Chinese and English grammar. This volume is written by Matthew Christensen, one of the most experienced and knowledgeable Chinese language and culture educators in the field.”

—Prof. Michael E. Everson, Review Editor,
Journal of the Chinese Language Teachers Association

“I bought this book last fall after my professor shared it with our class.  I have always struggled with grammar in every language class. One reason I stuck with Chinese is because of the more simple grammar structure to the language, however no matter how simple the grammar I still struggled. This book is like a gold mine. It has in one source all the terms I haven't fully grasped yet, in addition to that, it explains these terms as they relate to the grammar concepts in the Chinese language. It has helped me to reach a whole new level of understanding in my studies.”

—Jet Axtell, Brigham Young, Idaho

"I found this book to be very helpful. I think that when we learn our first language growing up, we become ignorant to its grammatical structure. We may use it properly, but lack knowledge of the technical terms.English Grammar for Students of Chinese really helped me to understand both Chinese and English grammar, and it was really interested to see the similarities and differences between the two. The book was well made, and I would recommend it to any student of Chinese."


—Kayli Winger, Brigham Young, Idaho


Gramática Española para Estudiantes de Inglés

“Great for introductory English or Spanish. I am a certified Spanish and ESL teacher, P-12. This is a good book for newly arrived Spanish speaking students who may have not had consistent time in the classroom in their homelands. The examples are great for demonstrating as opposed to just tossing out rules.”

—Kyra Athena on Amazon

“Great tool for this ESL teacher. Can't recommend this enough! Great for my high school newcomers with limited educational backgrounds. We get together on Saturdays to study Spanish grammar together which improves their grasp of English grammar during ESL class. Terrific.”

—Michael D. Shanahan on Amazon

“Great reference book! I use this book for reference a lot. It's very useful for anyone who is forgetting their Spanish or grammar has never been their strong subject at school. It's also a great source for anyone learning Spanish. The book is written in Spanish. It gives descriptions and explanations of grammatical structures. But what I like about it is that it is easy to understand. It doesn't assume the reader knows all that grammar (eeky!) stuff! I HIGHLY recommend it to students of ESL as it makes it easier to learn English if you know your own language's grammar. It has a lot of reviews and examples. Indeed, this is a valuable book to have as reference.”

—Jessica on Amazon






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