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Jacqueline Morton

English Grammar for Students of French:
The Study Guide for Those Learning French

7th ed.
ISBN: 978-0-934034-42-5
Pp. 178

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FRENCH SLANG — The key to spoken French

Slang, known as "l'argot", is a rich aspect of the French language. It is used daily by French people from all walks
of life.

Learn to speak French as the French do!

Unlike English where a rare example of slang is dough instead of money, French has an extensive slang vocabulary, even for the most common words.


French SlangTo help you understand "French French" — and not just textbook French — we offer a pocket-sized dictionary of over 200 French slang words used in a sentence, with an English translation, and a word-for-word 80-min. CD recording that follows the text of the dictionary:

  • Slang word with standard French equivalent
  • Example of the slang word in a sentence
    in French
  • English translation

Listen to brief excerpts
Listen to brief exerpts of French Slang